Play together

Meet friends from all over the world! This is a virtual universe where friends from all over the world can gather! Let's play Play Together together?

1. A Virtual Playground! Create memorable moments in our virtual playground with your friends! Meet new friends at the Plaza, go shopping, or play a variety of short games at the Game Center. Play hide-and-seek with zombies at the Haunted House at night and try to conquer the top of the Infinity Tower at the Campground. The people at the Plaza will have special quests for you! Complete these missions and get rewards! At Play Together, every day is a fun experience!
 2. A Special Adventure! Take a special ride at Play Together. Travel abroad by visiting a Travel Agent! Meet new friends from all over the world and bookmark the places you've visited! Sail to the Lost Island and search for hidden treasures! 
 3. Have a Party at Your Place Get creative and decorate your home using furniture with various themes! There are many colorful themes to choose from like Egyptian, Toy Block, Botany and more! If you've finished decorating your house, it's time for a House Party! The theme of the party can be anything you like! Dance parties, pool parties, cooking classes, brunch venues, and more! The only limit is your imagination! 
 4. Your Very Own Unique Style and Identity! Only you can define who you are! Express yourself with outfits and accessories! skateboard, sports car or off-road vehicle? Go on a beach cruise with your adorable pet and friends! [Please note] * Although Play Together is free, the game has optional in-app purchases that may incur additional charges. Note that refunds are subject to in-app purchases, and may be limited depending on the circumstances. * For our usage policy (including refund and termination policy), please read the in-game Terms of Service. ※ The use of illegal programs, application modifications, and other unauthorized actions to access the game may result in service restrictions, deletion of game accounts and data, claims for compensation. damages and other remedies deemed necessary under the Terms of Service.
[Official game community] -Facebook: * Please contact us for inquiries at ▶About App Access Rights◀ In order to provide you with the game services listed below, the application will ask you to grant the following access permissions. [Permission required] Device file permissions: Used to save files related to running the game. [How to revoke grant permission] ▶ Android version 6.0 or higher: Device Settings > Apps > select app > App permission > grant or revoke permission ▶ Android version below 6.0: Upgrade your Operating System (OS) version to revoke the above access or delete the app ※ You can revoke the access to game files granted to the app from your device by following the instructions above. ※ If you are using a device running a version lower than Android 6.0, you will not be able to set the permissions manually, so we recommend you to upgrade the OS to Android 6.0 or higher.

New content Additional weather system Is it raining or is it snowing in Kaia Island? The new weather system makes life on the island more vivid and colorful. You can buy umbrellas from NPCs but they only appear on special days. Pairing system for pet Added a new system to help you own new pets by pairing them together to reach the highest level. Combine pets with the help of NPCs lurking somewhere in the campground. Let's grow the pet over time.

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