Looking for the hottest movies and TV shows in the world? They are all available at Netflix.

At Netflix, we have award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up comedy shows. Just have a mobile device and you'll be able to watch Netflix on the go, to work, or to rest.

Things you'll love on Netflix:

• We are constantly adding new movies and TV shows. Browse new videos or find your favorite videos and stream them right on your device.

• The more you watch, the more Netflix can suggest you movies and TV shows you'll like.

• You can create up to 5 profiles in one account. Profiles help your family members enjoy Netflix according to their individual preferences.

• Help kids enjoy Netflix safely with family-friendly entertainment.

• Get a quick look at excerpts from our movies and series, and get notifications about new episodes and video releases.

• Save your data by downloading videos to your mobile device and watch them offline anywhere.

How to install Netflix on TV? With most TVs, the Netflix app is available from the main menu or home screen. If Netflix is not installed, you can download and install it from the app store on your TV. Besides, for some Android devices that Netflix does not support and cannot install apps from official means like Google Play Store, you can get APKMirror Installer toolkit on Google Play Store to support downloading Netflix to the TV. Is Netflix free? Can I try it out? From February 2020, Netflix will stop providing a free 1-month trial package in Vietnam. If you want to watch movies on this service, you must pay a subscription fee. 

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